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[FC] Only Mine Pose Pack II

A few poses from Only Mine, on-going short story by itsmegeuliz and me. 18 poses altogether. List compatible. Non-list compatible is included.

I made the poses using Shino Monaco Loveseat. Some of them you have seen it in the story itself, and some, you will see them in next chapter. <—- Dang, spoiler alert. So now you know what will happen in part 7 ;p There are 2 version of the sleeping one. That last group poses, I made it for sitting on the fence/half wall actually but we can use them on a couch too. *a little side note for my loyal readers: Part 7 will be a little late, need to build something, and making poses. Probably next week if we’re lucky* And, uh, the last one, is the continuation poses from my 3rd pack, the 12th poses *I have a new hobby making “chain” poses*

And, after a long observation on my first couple pose pack, I’m not quite happy with it…So, er..I made a remake version for it. I changed them a little, here and there. You can check the previews on my blogspot [here], so if you want, go ahead and grab it, replace it with the new one, or keep them both, it’s up to all of you. ;)

Anyway, hope you guys like it. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any problem using it. \o/

TOU: Here

Note: Any height slider that makes the male sims go taller will have a different result from the original poses.


DOWNLOAD [1st pack remake]

*credits to all CC creators <3

*tag me “fyachii" if you want when you use them and I will reblog your post with absolute pleasure. <—- since I can’t check all posts on my dash due to.. oh well.. =(